Three Museums One INCREDIBLE Adventure!

The three museums that make up the EarlyWorks Family of Museums offer a fresh approach to history education with completely interactive galleries, costumed interpreters and grade specific hands-on field trip programming.  Located in downtown Huntsville, Alabama, the EarlyWorks Children’s Museum, the Huntsville Depot & Museum, and Alabama Constitution Village allow students of all grades the opportunity to experience history first hand.  Every one of our field trips are correlated with teaching standards and offer a cross discipline approach, with activities that incorporate the use of drama, reading, student involvement, and lots of fun!

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  • Alabama Constitution Village

    ALVillagelogoEnter through the white picket gate and step back in time at Huntsville's Alabama Constitution Village. An unforgettable journey awaits your class at the Birthplace of Alabama. Visitors interact with the villagers, dressed in period clothing, as they go about their daily chores. Experience life at the time of the birth of Alabama! Check out the educational programs offered at the Village below—a click on the title/link will provide you with guidelines to help prepare for your visit! Call 800.678.1819/local- 256.564.8124 to schedule your trip.

    • Becoming Alabama

      up for debateBecoming Alabama
      Oct & April-May. 3rd-5th Grades.
      In the summer of 1819 forty-four delegates gathered here to form the 22nd state admitted to the Union - ALABAMA! Join us at the Alabama Constitution Village for this unique, guided tour which allows your students to follow in the footsteps of the delegates, engage in the processes of constitutional debate, witness the formation of a state and explore Alabama's rich history. As they travel through the Village, students are encouraged to participate in our dramatic presentations, assist John Boardman as he prints the weekly edition of the newspaper on a 19th century printing press, add their initials to a proclamation document with a quill pen and check the “general delivery” box to see if they have mail in the Post Office. While in the Constitution Hall students may be able to convince the “serving girl” to tell them a little gossip about the delegates she overheard while performing her duties. They will encounter historic interpreter Mrs. Leroy Pope and be taught proper 19th-century etiquette. The birth of the state of Alabama moves out of history books and comes alive in this exciting, powerful program! Program length: approximately 2 hours.
      Prepare for this field trip before you visit!
    • Folklife Festival

      DSC00154Folklife Festival
      TBA. Grades K-5th.
      Join us at Alabama Constitution Village, birthplace of Alabama, to celebrate Spring 19th-century style. The Village will be filled with activity taking your students back to a simpler time in our history. Students will witness the blacksmith as he stokes the fire and crafters doing their spinning and weaving. The hands-on craft area will encourage students to create folk crafts for themselves while using old-fashioned methods and techniques. Corn husk dolls, tin punching, thaumatropes, and dipping are a few of the crafts that you and your students might experience. Just as our forefathers did, students can try their hand at quill pen writing and block printing. Tap your feet to the live music flowing through the Village and take a whirl at the Virginia Reel. Sit a spell and listen to the storyteller and talk to historic characters from Alabama's past. Concession including slushies, popcorn, cookies, candy, soda, and much more will be available for purchase. Program length approximately 2 hours - free flow, tour at your own pace. Prepare for this field trip before you visit!
    • Village Ways/Village Days

      DSC00154 April - May. All Ages.
      This guided tour allows your students to experience all that the Village has to offer. Students learn about the beginnings of our State as they make their way through the Village hearing stories told by historic characters, participating in period tasks and playing old fashioned games. The blacksmith, herbalist and cabinet maker are just some of the tradespeople who make the village their home. Everyone will enjoy letting loose and dancing to the Virginia Reel. Join us this Spring for this exciting 2 hour historical adventure. Program length: approximately 2 hours.
    • Hands-on Harvest

      October. Grades K - 5th.
      Bring your students to Constitution Village and scurry around with the Village folk as they prepare for winter. Your students will participate in gathering herbs, building a scarecrow, grinding corn and churning butter. Just for fun take part in a yoke and bucket race. Catch your breath and hear the story of Huntsville’s famous cow named Lily Flagg. Dip candles to light up the town in the dark days of winter. Try to catch the frazzled spinster carding and seeding her cotton, so she can spin yarn for blankets and fabric for cold days ahead.
    • History Afoot

      Sept-Oct & April-May. All grades and ages.
      On the walking tour stroll the Historic streets of Twickenham with one of our knowledgeable guides. See the home of the owner of Huntsville’s award-winning cow “Lily Flagg.” Hear the story of the Union troops’ occupation of the Church of the nativity. Have fun experiencing local history first-hand and get some exercise while you are at it!
    • Santa's Village Holiday Tour

      November 20- December.
      Alabama Constitution Village is magically transformed into Santa's Village! Your students will enjoy dancing at the Holiday Ball, discussing Santa's gift delivery route, hearing a story from Mrs. Claus and cutting out gingerbread cookies with the elves. Everyone is invited to visit our live reindeer in the stable to wish them good luck on their big night. A fun winter craft and a holiday snack are included in this fantastic 2 hour holiday experience.
  • Earlyworks Children’s Museum

    childrens-logoThe EarlyWorks Children's Museum offers a fresh approach to history education with a completely interactive gallery of exhibits. The Alabama Bandstand, 46-foot keelboat, and the Talking Tree are just a few of the exciting elements your students will discover. Try your hand at ginning cotton, try on 19th-century costumes, and sack provisions in the General Store. Check out the educational programs offered at EarlyWorks below—a click on the title/link will provide you with guidelines to help prepare for your visit! Call 800.678.1819/local- 256.564.8124 to schedule your trip.

    • Biscuit’s Bone Voyage

      EW_biscuit014Biscuit’s Bone Voyage Aug- Oct & Jan-May. Pre-K - 1st.
      Travel with us on an exciting hands-on journey. Under the shade of our Talking Tree, you and your students will hear a tale from the past. In Biscuit’s Hideaway your students can play games, share secrets and check out all kinds of bugs that may be living in Biscuit’s dog house. As your class wanders back through time, everyone can board the keelboat and make their way to the log cabin to play with old-fashioned toys. Your students have a chance to stretch their creative muscles in Kidstruction- where if they can imagine it, they can build it. Prepare for Biscuit’s Bone Voyage before you visit!
    • Settle Down

      Settle Down Aug-Oct & Jan-May. Grades 1 - 3.
      During this program your students will learn what life as a pioneer was like. Learning stations on this 2-hour guided tour are designed to teach your students different aspects of pioneer life. Dressing in period clothing, crafting their own old fashioned toy, shopping at the General Store, traveling on the keelboat and climbing aboard the wagon are just a few of the activities students will experience. Our Native American game is an exciting way to learn about the rich culture of Alabama tribes. In the Log Cabin, students will engage in pioneer chores and food preparation. Don’t forget to stop by our Talking Tree to hear a story that has been passed down through the generations. Join in with us as we explore Alabama’s early beginnings and learn what it takes to “Settle Down”. Prepare for this field trip before you visit!
    • HSI History Scene Investigators

      HSI History Scene Investigators
      Aug-Oct & Jan-May. 4th-5th Grades.
      Grab your magnifying glass and get ready to investigate Alabama’s unique and extraordinary history! This program is designed to expand the minds of 4th and 5th grade students. In this unique guided tour students become historical investigators by searching for different history facts in fun trivia activities in our Hall of Presidents, on our Alabama map and in our Passages exhibit. In our Passages exhibit students discover the African American story hidden in our beautiful mural “This Road We Traveled”. The Talking Tree will enlighten your students with a fun story about George Washington Carver after they hoist the flags on the keelboat. Join us in this 2 hour experience, as we uncover and discover the many details of our history. Prepare for this field trip before you visit!
    • Amazing Americans

      Amazing Americans
      Available TBA. 1st-5th Grades.
      Join us on this fun, educational guided tour of U.S. history! Through the many stations of this program your students will learn to read braille at our Helen Keller exhibit, dress up as presidents and explore the keelboat. Find out which president was a big game hunter, and which one got stuck in the bathtub by exploring the Hall of Presidents! Quiz games about our Amazing Americans mural will engage students to learn about famous Americans such as Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson. Best of all, throughout your trip your students can visit with historical interpreters. Prepare for this field trip before you visit
    • Iron Chains to Freedom Trains

      February. Grades 1-5.
      During the month of February, EarlyWorks celebrates Black History Month! Students will explore African history through playing musical instruments, seeing historic artifacts, trying on costumes and playing period games. Visiting our log cabin students will learn about slave heritage. Follow the path of Civil Rights’ marches and the fight for equality on our giant Alabama map. The mural “This Road We Traveled” painted by John Moore, a local Huntsville artist, provides a glimpse of the hardships African Americans have encountered and the great accomplishments they have made.
    • Elf University

      November-December. Grades Pre-K - 3.
      The holiday spirit is taking over EarlyWorks- Santa needs some more elves on his crew, and your class just might have what it takes! Your students will enjoy the gift wrapping relays, an elf ear craft session, over-the-top cheerfulness exercises and much more. The EarlyWorks Elf University syllabus includes: Elf Orientation, Toy making 101, Present Proficiency, Santa’s Tracking Station, Reindeer Care and Elf Etiquette. Wrap up your trip with a graduation ceremony from Elf University!
    • Dog Days of Summer

      June - July. Grades Pre-K - 5. Along with all the regular EarlyWorks hands-on activities, visitors will experience a new summer exhibit and special programming that will highlight our love for dogs and the historic legacy of famous canines such as Lassie, Rin Tin Tin and Toto from Wizard of OZ. Enjoy reminiscing at the Pup-Culture Wall. Play and read with the dogs in the Dog-Park. Make and take crafts in the Canine Craft Area. Take a picture with Biscuit, the EarlyWorks Mascot. Take the challenge at the Breeds of the World interactive matching game. Search for and discover more than 60 life-sized stuffed dogs while on our Dog-gone Scavenger Hunt.
    • EarlyWorks Overnight Trips

      $48.00 per person, 30 person minimum EarlyWorks Children’s Museum and the Historic Huntsville Depot offer history themed overnight programs, suitable for church groups, scout troops and traveling groups. Call 256.564.8124 for more information.
  • Huntsville Depot and Museum

    DepotlogoThe Huntsville Depot experience will take your students through one of America's oldest remaining railroad structures. Examine actual Civil War graffiti and listen as Andy Barker, the robotic ticket agent, tells about working on the railroad in the old days. Little Toot's Imagination Station is an exciting addition to the Depot designed for children up to six years old. Check out the educational programs offered at the Depot below—a click on the title/link will provide you with guidelines to help prepare for your visit! Call 800.678.1819/local- 256.564.8124 to schedule your trip.

    • Civil War Kids Encampment

      civil war encampmentCivil War Kids Encampment Aug-Oct & March-May. 3rd-8th Grades.
      Travel back in time to the 1860's and experience life as a Civil War soldier. Join us at the Historic Huntsville Depot for one of the most incredible hands-on programs offered on the Civil War. Students are engaged in marching drills, battlefield surgery techniques, haversack inspections, war map reading and camp style cooking. Costumed interpreters will be on hand to share their knowledge of the Civil War as you and your students move between each learning station. The 2 hour program is completely hands-on and has been designed to immerse your students in the experience of life as a soldier. Prepare for you Civil War Kids Encampment before you visit!
    • Little Toot's Imagineers

      Aug-Oct & March-May Pre-K and K All aboard for this fun program designed with the little kids in mind! Your students will have a blast playing in our kid-zone, where they can "drive" a pickup truck, serve lunch in the diner and dress-up for a railroad journey in one of our kid-sized train cars. Kids will love getting to rev the engine and ring the siren of Huntsville's first hook and ladder fire truck in the Auto House. After meeting the robotic ticket agents inside the Historic Huntsville Depot, your students are welcome to climb aboard the old train cars and play with model trains. WHOO-WHOO! See you at the Depot!
    • Wagon Wheels and Whistlestops

      Aug-Oct & March-May. Grades K - 5th. On this exciting guided tour your students will travel back in time to the heyday of the Memphis and Charleston Railroad, as it passed through the Historic Huntsville Depot. Students are invited to explore our train cars, listen to the legend of Casey Jones, climb into the drives's seat to sound the horn of our vintage fire truck, learn to use whistle signals and participate in a lantern game. They will also discover how railroad employees sent messages using Morse Code. Everyone will enjoy getting to check out our antique vehicles, including a covered wagon, a Model "T" truck and much more! Be prepared...You may even see a train moving down the rails. You won't want to miss this exciting, action-packed exploration of how people travel.
    • Visions of Veterans

      Sept-Oct & March-May. Grads 3rd and above. On this educational tour your students will first experience the Patriot's Mosaics; an artistic tribute to the men and women who have served our country. Students will see a cross section of our country's military history and the men and women who served so valiantly. The 1,296 images on each mosaic represent all branches of service and also each war and conflict the USA has been a part of since the Revolutionary War. After hearing the Veteran's stories at the Patriot's Mosaic, students will be guided through the Patriot's Gateway. The Gateway allows easy access from the Depot Grounds to the Madison County Veterans Memorial. Recently added educational kiosks provide learning stations for students as they proceed to the Memorial. This tour is a great way for your students to discover a timeline of U.S. military history.
    • Veterans' Walk

      Sept-Oct & March-May. All Grades. The Historic Huntsville Depot is the gateway to Veteran's Memorial Park. After completing your Depot program, a visit to the park would make an ideal connection to help students understand and appreciate all our soldiers do for this country.
    • Polar Express

      November 20-December. Grades K - 3rd.
      All aboard the Polar Express! The Christmas spirit is in full swing as your students' imaginations are whisked through this holiday favorite. Chris Van Allsburg's classic comes to life when their golden ticket is punched for this adventure. At the elves' North Pole workshop you students will enjoy making their very own magical bell necklace and a fun reindeer mask. A timeless holiday snack as well as other holiday activities will be sure to bring the holiday season to life!