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Field Trips – Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never booked a field trip before…what do I do?

Just contact us by phone or through our website.  We’ll need to know your school’s name, your name and grade level, how many people you plan to bring (students, parents or chaperones, teachers—everyone who will be with your group), which museums you wish to visit, and when you’d like to come.  We’ll help you along with anything else you need to know.

How long do field trips last?

Our staff-led fieldtrip offerings last approximately two hours at each museum, although the time may vary depending upon the size of the group.

We have handicapped children in our group.  Will they be able to go on this field trip?

Yes, all of our museums are handicapped accessible except for the railroad cars at the Depot and a couple of second floor rooms at the Village.  Activities in these areas can be done elsewhere to accommodate everyone in your group.

Will the tour be age appropriate for my group?

Yes.  Each of our fieldtrips are grade-level specific and based on the state course of study.

I took my kids to Earlyworks in October.  Is there anything new for them to do or see in Spring or is it the same stuff all over again?

We have seasonal fieldtrip offerings, so there will always be something different available for your grade level.

Are teachers free?

Yes.  Any teacher with a valid id issued by their Department of Education is allowed free admission to our museums.

Can we bring chaperones?

Yes.  You can bring as many people as you feel are necessary, but make sure they are included in the group totals when making your reservation.  Chaperones and parents are charged the same price as the students.

Can little brothers or sisters come along?

If you feel that their presence will not disturb others, they are certainly welcome to attend and will be charged the same price as your students. They should also be included in the group total when making your reservation.

What happens if it rains?

Our fieldtrips are designed to go on as planned, rain or shine.  There will be travel between buildings, but any outdoor activities we have planned are held under a lean-to or tent.  Please make sure your children are dressed appropriately to walk from the bus to the museum and to the other buildings on our properties.

What do we do if our school won’t let us travel due to weather warnings?

Please give us a call as soon as you know that you will not be able to attend and we will reschedule your visit for another available time.

We don’t know how many parents are coming…if they just show up the day of our fieldtrip will they be able to join us?

To keep our museums from being overcrowded, we do ask that you tell us in advance how many parents or chaperones will be attending with your group.  Unexpected guests cannot be guaranteed admission.

Do we get any sort of discount for being a school group?

Yes.  Group rates are available for groups of 15 or larger who schedule their visit in advance.

Do we have to pay for our fieldtrip in advance?

No payment is required prior to your arrival.  You may pay us with a school check and/or cash for your entire group (including parents and chaperones) at check-in or make arrangements in advance for us to bill the school.

Can you bill our school?

Yes.  Purchase orders are accepted.

Can parents pay when they get there?

No.  Parent and chaperone money must be collected in advance of  your arrival and paid along with the group.  Their admission does not have to be included in the school check, but does need to be collected from them and presented by the teacher/group contact.

Some of our students have Family Memberships to your museum—can they use those for their fieldtrip?

Yes.  Their membership card (or a copy) can be presented as payment for their museum admission.

We have several students who travel with an aide or a nurse…is there a charge for the aide/nurse?

Teacher’s Aides, Student Aides, Student Teachers, Nurses, Bus Drivers, and any other school personnel are admitted free of charge.

What should I do if our numbers change and more students sign up or some students drop out of the group before the tour date?

When this happens, just give us a call or drop us an email and we can make the adjustments to your reservation.

Can we bring a sack lunch?

Yes.  The Village and Depot both have outdoor picnic pavilions (subject to availability) for use for up to thirty-minutes.  The picnic facilities at EarlyWorks (also subject to availability) are indoors.

Do y’all sell food at the museums?

We do have vending machines available and a limited selection of sandwiches, but no kitchen available to prepare meals.  We do have box lunch options available for pre-order.

Do you have a gift shop?

Yes.  Each of our three museums has its own gift shop.

How much money should my students bring for the gift shop?  Is everything expensive or are their small, cheap things for them to buy?

There are many items priced under $5-10.

I don’t want my students to go to the gift shop at all.  How can I make sure they avoid it?

If you didn’t let us know when you made your reservation, just tell us when you check in for your fieldtrip and our staff will accommodate your request.

I don’t want my students to go to the gift shop, but I would like them to have a souvenir.  Is there anything we can buy ahead of time to pick up?

Yes.  We have pre-packaged souvenir bags available for pre-order that contains 5-6 souvenir items from the museum you’re visiting.

What if we arrive early—can we go ahead and start?

Other groups may still be using our facilities, but we will do what we can to accommodate your early arrival.

What if we’re running late?

We’ll work with the group contact to make sure you receive the best fieldtrip we can accommodate in the time allowed.

Where do buses park?

A tour guide will meet your bus upon arrival, assist you with unloading the students, and direct the driver where to park for that day.

Our parents will be driving the students—where will do they park?

Metered parking is available on the streets surrounding Constitution Village and EarlyWorks.  Parking is 50 cents an hour.  There are also parking garages (same rates) located on Gates Avenue and Fountain Circle.  The Depot Museum has free parking in the adjacent lot.

When we arrive at your museum, where do we go first?

The confirmation letter you received in the mail lists your itinerary.  If you are unsure which museum is first, give us a call at 256-564-8100.

Are your museums close to each other—will we need our bus to take us to the other museums?

EarlyWorks and Constitution Village are across the street from each other and groups will be walked from one to the other by our staff.  The Depot is about 6-8 city blocks away and groups would be advised to have their buses transport them.  Museum staff will direct the bus driver to the most direct route.

We saw a blacksmith last year that was really fun.  Can we make sure to see him again this year?

There’s certainly a chance!  We’ll certainly have tradespeople demonstrating at the Village, but their schedule might not coincide with your visit.

 Where is the Village located?

At 109 Gates Avenue in downtown Huntsville, Alabama. (On Gates Avenue between Madison and Franklin Streets)

Where is the Depot located?

At 320 Church Street in Huntsville, Alabama. (At the intersection of Church and Monroe Streets and near the I-565 entrance and exit ramps)

Where is EarlyWorks located?

At 404 Madison Street in downtown Huntsville, Alabama.  (On Madison Street between Gates and Williams Avenues)


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